Parenting Adventures is about brutally honest discussions in the world of parenting. In this sixth episode, we explore the subject of infertility. How do couples recover from the grief of knowing they may never have children? Why are they not open to the option of adopting or using a donor? We find out from a fertility specialist and, we will also hear from someone who didn’t take her infertility diagnosis as the final result, and did everything she could to become a mother.

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MyEndosis Walk: Stand Up, Speak Up, Let’s Unite

Are you suffering from Endometriosis and do not know what to do and where to turn to?

Here is some good news:

Selangor and Kuala Lumpur Endometriosis Association (MyEndosis) will be holding an event called ‘MyEndosis Walk: Stand Up, Speak Up, Let’s Unite’ on  28 March 2015 from 7.30am to 11am. The venue is at Concourse area JayaONE,  Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya & PC 203, Faculty of Creative Industries, UTAR, No 3, Jalan 13/6, 46200, Petaling Jaya.

Come and join us to stand up and unite against endometriosis

Endo Walk

Speaker - Dr Helena Lim (2)

Speaker -Dr Natasha Ain Mohd Nor