Catching My Baby Dust

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I am extremely pleased and excited to announce the arrival of my book: “Catching My Baby Dust’, which came to a reality after many months of hard work. This book consist of inspiring true stories on the journeys couples had been through in trying to have a baby. Many of these stories detailed the trials and tribulations of their Fertility journeys. These stories are deeply touching and in many ways humbled me as a Fertility Specialist.

Here is the small note I have written for the publication of this book:

Welcome to the first edition of ‘Catching My Baby Dust’.  As the Chief Editor of this book, I would like to thank you for taking your time to read this special book, which is extremely close to my heart.


As a Fertility Specialist, I have the opportunity to work with women who are from various backgrounds, ethinicities &  educational levels. They have one thing in common: They all want to have a baby.


As a mother of three, I can fully understand their desire to have these little bundle of joy in their arms, and how these tiny little babies would complete and fulfill their lives. However, the reason that they are sitting in my clinic is that pregnancies did not happen naturally, and therefore they are here to seek guidance and assistance.


I must say that I feel privileged that I can do something to help them. My greatest pleasue of my daily life is to help these patients to identify the issues which prevent them from conceiving naturally and rectify their problems. Some need just a little bit of reassurance and things happenned.  Unfortunately, some need much more than reassurance. And the good news is that most will eventually have a baby in their arms following fertility treatments.


Throughout these journeys, I have come across many women who had deeply touched me with their perserverance and determination which greatly humbled me. Some of these stories bring tears to my eyes and I hereby express my greatest gratitude to them by agreeing to share their stories with people out there who are trying to conceive.


I would like to thank my senior colleague, Dato Dr Prashant Nadkarni, the Medical Director of KL Fertility Centre for his valuable input. My co-editors, Dr Natasha Ain Mohd Nor & Dr Agilan Arjunan, who shared my passion in the field of fertility and had worked fervently in making this book a reality.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Sylvia Khoo, the director of Pitter Patter Sdn Bhd, Ms Adline A Ghani and Ms Lee Siew Fong helped us to co-ordinate the production of this book.

Last but not the least, I would like to thank all the readers for their constructive comment to further improve the quality of this book.


Dr Helena Lim Yun-Hsuen


Catching My Baby Dust



A Ray of Sunshine


I received a call from Mrs Sunshine, one of my IVF patient, who informed me that she had delivered her baby a week ago via Caesarean section at 34 weeks due to severe intrauterine growth restriction. Although the baby was small in size, she was doing very well in the neonatal ICU, not requiring ventilation and was discharge after 3 days.

In December 2012, Mrs Sunshine came to see me for fertility assessment and treatment following 2 miscarriages (recurrent miscarriages). She is a slim and graceful lady with a beautiful smile. Along with her is her loving and understanding husband. They lived in Raub Pahang and every appointment required them to drive more more than an hour to get here.

Her previous 2 pregnancies ended at 5-8 weeks respectively with no evidence of fetal heart beat. Blood tests revealed no abnormalities. She decided to have an IUI under my care but unfortunately she did not get pregnant.

At that time, she started a blog called Wishing for a Sunshine, which I was not aware of initially. In her blog, she carefully recorded her struggles with Fertility Treatment and all the ups & downs along the way. This is the first time, as a Fertility Specialist,  I am able to have a clear insight of the perspective of a patient going through fertility treatment under my care. As a female fertility specialist, I always pride myself to think that I would understand how a woman feel especially in terms of the desire to have a child, but what strikes me is that sometimes, there are still certain personal struggles one faced whilst going through fertility treatment. As a doctor, I can now understand that comforting and reassuring words which I said, could give patients such confidence to move forward in the quest of having a child.

She went on with an IVF under my care and successfully got pregnant and have a few embryos frozen for later use. Although her pregnancy had not been easy, but it all turned out well eventually. 

Months after her IVF, my other patients told me about her blog, which was very widely read by many. These patients unanimously told me how her story had greatly inspired them, motivated them to move on with Fertility Treatment.

Although Mrs Sunshine was wishing for a sunshine in her womb, but in fact, she herself had turned out to be a sunshine giving rays of hope for many threading the same journey.

My congratulations to Mrs Sunshine and a big thank you to her for blessing others in her special way!